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date:2016-11-04 10:12:52

ARW :  What Social issues are important to you?

Daniel Young : My work often includes issues involving war and politics. However, the environment and animals are also really important to me. I care a lot about animal cruelty. I think it’s because all the negative things happening to nature and to animals are caused by humans, so there is guilt there.

Daniel Young. Anxiety Man. Acrylic.Thread.Canvas 15X19in 2016
date:2016-11-04 10:12:11

ARW : What is the limitation(s) of your chosen media for full expression of your feelings/ideas?

Daniel Young : A lot of my work uses fabric and sewing which presents it's own limitations in terms of how I play with space and what subjects work with these mediums. The limitations of my mediums are something I have been thinking about lately. I also wonder though if the mediums have any limitations or if I just set the limits in my mind.

Daniel Young. Nonuniform. Uniforms.Acrylic.Thread.Linen 20X24in 2016
date:2016-11-04 10:11:04

ARW : What is beauty?

Daniel Young : I don't think beauty is one thing and I think there are a lot of levels to beauty. Of course everyone has their own idea of beauty. For me beauty can be really obvious, like when you are attracted to a beautiful person- and I like that kind of beauty. I think the primal aspect of it is powerful. But, beauty is also nature. Art can be beautiful. Ideas can be beautiful. Even ugliness can be beautiful in the right context. Societal beauty depends a lot on what is in vogue and acceptable during the time. So beauty is always changing. The only beauty that is forever is nature itself, like a tree. A tree could never be ugly, even if it looks physically ugly.

date:2016-11-04 10:10:11

ARW :  What is the future of Art?

Daniel Young : I have no idea. I don't really think about the future of art.

date:2016-11-04 10:09:20

ARW :  What Artists inspire you?

Daniel Young : A lot of artists inspire me. Andy Warhol will always inspire me. It's a really cliche answer, but it is true. Maybe it's because he is a classic underdog success story which everyone loves. I usually don’t like to say the names of artists I like. It feels very personal and changing and part of a private narrative I have with myself.

Daniel Young. Solar System. Uniforms.Ink.Thread.Beads. 19X15in, 2016
date:2016-11-04 10:08:29

ARW :  What is the poetic focus of your art?

Daniel Young : I'm still not really sure. I feel like it's still changing. Right now I feel it’s the different views I have of the world.

date:2016-11-04 10:06:52

ARW:  Can Art change the World?

Daniel Young : Yes. A lot of things can change the world. Love can change the world, meditation can change the world. But, people would have to slow down to let art change the world- because a lot of people don't give art any time. I do think art can be healing, energizing, eye opening, inspiring and teach a lot. Even if it doesn't change the world it will always give it a very big push in the right direction which is amazing. The world without art would be a very dark place. Art is not a luxury, it is a necessity which I think a lot of people don’t realize.

date:2016-11-04 09:56:50

Paul McCloskey. Place of Peace. Artist Interview

THE OMEGA-In my heart I have hidden your word-Oil on Board - 30X30X30 cm
date:2016-11-04 09:54:45

Ben Fillik : What is your inspiration for creating art works?
Paul McCloskey : Currently I’m working with Landscape although the subject is secondary for me as process is primary to my work, the process of getting out of my own way and allowing creativity to work through me drives me forward.

date:2016-11-04 09:53:44

Ben Fillik : What role emotions plays in your Art?

Paul McCloskey : For me it’s not so much emotion but the bliss of no mind, of being open to divinity working through me, a place of peace which can only be experienced in surrendering to the present moment. My hope is that those who view my work will also experience this spirit. But it’s a two way journey as the viewer must remain present and allow the art to connect through them also.