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date:2016-11-04 11:57:01
ARW : What Artists inspire you?
Piotr Krysiak : Certainly Roman Opalka. As an artist, you inevitably come across concepts and solutions of other artists, you react to them and feel that some are closer to you while others, although of high quality, are not 'yours'. Encountering Opalka's concept of recording time, his attitude, was an important moment for me. Even though his art is based on time, it is timeless. The whole idea seemed to me unique, versatile, and accurately expressing what life is. You could say that other artists, like On Kawara or those of past times, also recorded life, for instance in the form of scenes and various representations, but it is Opalka's extreme minimalism that convinced me and still makes an impression on me. This may seem surprising, but the vast majority of what is happening in contemporary painting does not have an effect on me. It is more film and contemporary classical music that I would indicate as my areas. I have a weakness for piano concertos so the examples of Beat Furrer, Unsuk Chin or Pawel Szymanski, with their piano concertos, will serve as reference points for where I am now. As for the cinema, for me, it would be 'A spell to ward off the darkness' or 'Burrowing'.
date:2016-11-04 11:56:21
ARW : What is the poetic focus of your art?
Piotr Krysiak : Poetry often deals with issues that are nearly impossible to express. Even if it seems that we have grasped something the truth turns out to be different. I think my artistic recordings are as much about such a state. 
date:2016-11-04 11:53:47
ARW : Can art change the world?
Piotr Krysiak : Yes, as much as anything else can.
date:2016-11-04 11:47:06

Marat Bekeyev : Artist, Nomad, Shaman. Interview ARW 2016.

Marat Bekeyev. Peace. Oil on canvas, 45,3x51,2, 2015
date:2016-11-04 11:44:18
Marat Bekeyev. Stranger. Oil on canvas, 45,3x51,2, 2014
date:2016-11-04 11:43:38

ARW :  What is your inspiration for creating art works?

Marat Bekeyev : Many things can inspire: a person, a bird, rain, music and movies, friends, a random wall, a poem, murmur, photography, conversation, sea, glance, a cup of tea, a whisper, a dog, a strange day ... It is important to be ready for such a gift.

date:2016-11-04 11:42:54

ARW :  What role emotions plays in your Art?

Marat Bekeyev : It doesn’t matter whether you an artist or spectator, emotion comes first to you, and then the thoughts and reasoning come only. I start a canvas, only when I feel its energy, hear its Sound. I think that any painting begins with the Emotions.

Marat Bekeyev .Jazz. Oil on canvas, 45,3x51,2, 2015
date:2016-11-04 11:41:58

ARW : How did you choose the subject for your art works?

Marat Bekeyev : This is - people, animals, the earth and sky (horizontal and vertical). They are connected to each other. I think the determining factor is the idea-the concept itself. It determines the style and interpretation of the work, whether it expressive, abstract, symbolic or figurative. It is that particular imagery that reveals the idea of work mostly.

Marat Bekeyev. Stranger. Oil on canvas, 45,3x51,2, 2014
date:2016-11-04 11:40:40

ARW : How Spiritual aspect is present in your art?

Marat Bekeyev : Borderline person, as well as its connection with nature is interesting for me: a journey, a dream, distemper, silence, prayer, a whisper or scream ... I like to paint without an address or time. An important role is played by my national outlook - Nomad and shamanism.

Marat Bekeyev. The Guard V. Oil on canvas, 45,3x51,2, 2015
date:2016-11-04 11:39:40

ARW : What is the limitation(s) of your chosen media for full expression of your feelings/ideas?

Marat Bekeyev : I work both on canvas (oil painting, acrylic) and on paper (mixed techniques, printed graphics). It’s enough for me for now. In case of necessity in expansion my creative arsenal, it’s quickly and easily to arrange for me.