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date:2016-11-05 12:16:14

ARW : What is the poetic focus of your art?

Gayane Manasyan : Connection between universal dimensions and the constant search of my-SELF

date:2016-11-05 12:15:20

ARW : Can Art change the World?

Gayane Manasyan : The mission of Art is to change the world and to change it for better!

date:2016-11-05 12:05:32

PIOTR KRYSIAK. Process of Painting. ARW Interview 2016

Piotr Krysiak Self-portrait summer 2016 acrylic on canvas 40x35 cm 2016
date:2016-11-05 12:03:17
ARW: What is your inspiration for creating works of art?
Piotr Kryziak : The contents of my paintings are common moments of everyday life; thoughts and feelings that influence decision-making for people. The results of these choices gradually build their lives in the same way as the small portions of paint build my paintings. For example, a sense of routine or curiosity influences the way I paint, which is instantly captured on canvas. The map of such events is built progressively hour after hour. When I'm tired, I don't usually prepare more than three or four colors for painting. It is different when I'm motivated; I can record a particular fragment with as many as eight colors, but this is obviously not a rule. All these choices, their sum, and their results, influence subsequent decisions yet to be taken. To translate it into daily affairs, I will use a prosaic example of a fridge from which you pick things and try to cook something. At any given time, you have a set of products from which you are able to prepare a certain dish – it is similar to my recording of the passing of life when I use colors that have been prepared earlier or the ones for which portions are left over or have not yet dried. Relationships with people may serve as another example. The people you know now became part of your life because of your choices or because of other factors that were independent of you. One area of my painting may be bluish because of my earlier decisions, or it could be due to the simple fact that other colors have dried up. When a certain relationship ends in your life, it leaves remnants in your body and your memory which have an impact on your future relationships. In the same way, a recorded fragment of time stays on the canvas and affects what comes later.
Piotr Krysiak 30.07.2016 3.08.2016 (Wroclaw, Czestochowa) acrylic on canvas 24x21 cm 2016
date:2016-11-05 12:02:25
ARW : What role do emotions play in your art?
Piotr Krysiak : Emotions may affect my thoughts or vice versa, thereby impacting on the process of painting. A single reflection or feeling can change the course of a fragment started earlier or even provoke a break from registering. It is a living process.  
Piotr Krysiak 24.06.2016 29.06.2016 (Czestochowa) acrylic on canvas 27x24 cm 2016
date:2016-11-05 12:01:43
ARW : How do you choose the subject for your artworks?
Piotr Krysiak : I realized that I had got to a point where adding the so-called new things to my artistic practice, new solutions, would be more like uncovering something that has been there all the time. It will not be reaching higher but rather moving from side to side, like changing one opinion for a different one or replacing one set of truths with another. So, I decided to surrender to ordinary moments, which are often perceived as uninteresting, and convert them into art in the form of maps of past events in which it is possible to see your current state.  
date:2016-11-05 12:00:33
ARW : What is the role of time in art?
Piotr Krysiak : Here we have an example of something that doesn't exist but is useful. Time is a factor that verifies the quality of a particular work of art. It can also be a tangible foundation and a point of reference for the things that are to be created – just like in my paintings. 
date:2016-11-04 11:59:20
ARW : What is the limitation(s) of your chosen media for full expression of your feelings/ideas?
Piotr Krysiak : Art is artificial and for that reason, it is at most an afterimage of what is real. It is the feelings and thoughts, among others, that influence my painting process. They leave their traces, their history, but still, it is no longer these particular thoughts or feelings the remains of which are possible to see. It is something different. The limitation that I'm trying to describe has been ever present in art. As an artist, I try to reduce this distance. 
Piotr Krysiak 5.07.2016 22.07.2016 (Cz?stochowa) acrylic on canvas 35x40 cm 2016
date:2016-11-04 11:58:43
ARW : What is beauty?
Piotr Krysiak : Beauty is something that interacts with you. It harmonizes with what you currently are. The beauty of beauty is that it is different for different people. 
Piotr Krysiak 1.07.2016 7.07.2016 (Czestochowa) acrylic on canvas 30x27 cm 2016
date:2016-11-04 11:58:00
ARW : What is the future of Art?
Piotr Krysiak : Art may one day reach a phase of decline, similar to that which the religions are currently facing. The latter came to a point of expiry; It is increasingly apparent that religions have become inhibitors for today's world, for its development. The awareness of humanity is now too high to go forward with such instruments. Religions have played an important role in the past in trying to point what may be true, of course with varying degrees. Today its tools are used up. The role of art, among other things, is also an attempt to indicate reality by using artificial means, but art is free and limitless and this is why it will survive longer – until we develop ourselves and our awareness to such a level that we won't need art any longer.