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date:2016-11-05 12:31:19
Lydia Wolens : Can Art change the world?
    HakChul Kim :  I believe the art change the world.
      I believe the art turn an impossibility into a possibility. 
date:2016-11-05 12:24:51

GAYANE MANASYAN. Paintings and thoughts. Interview ARW 2016

Gayane Manasyan, De-Evolution, Oil on Canvas, b) central part 106inx152in, 2013
date:2016-11-05 12:22:41

ARW :  What is your inspiration for creating art works?

Gayane Manasyan : My inspiration comes out of nothing: I wake up in the morning and feel how I am bombarded by different ideas. These ideas are about life, existence, feelings or maybe just … just mere things that may remind me of something that are trivial for others but unique for me, and become original and universal on the canvas. 

Gayane Manasyan, De-Evolution, Oil on Canvas, c) right part, 101in x82in, 2013
date:2016-11-05 12:21:48

ARW : What role emotions plays in your Art?

Gayane Manasyan : Emotions play the main role in my art, it is so important to create with feelings not just with colors, it makes the piece of art interacting with the creator-artist and it makes art genuine not artificial.

date:2016-11-05 12:20:58

ARW : How did you choose the subject for your art works?

 Gayane Manasyan : From something that happens around me and spontaneously becomes a part of me :  it may be social, but for me - personal.  It is the thing that actually is born within me and is somehow connected to others. It comes naturally to me in everyday life and is important for me like breathing.

Gayane Manasyan, The Fish, Oil on canvas,100”x80”, 2014
date:2016-11-05 12:20:27

ARW : What is your concept of Time in Art?

Gayane Manasyan : Art for me has its own reality and ,consequently, its own time and space. Time in art for me is eternal. It should respond to its own reality without limits and borders.

Gayane Manasyan, Tulips, Oil on Canvas,60X150, 2015
date:2016-11-05 12:19:38

ARW : What is the limitation(s) of your chosen media for full expression of your feelings/ideas?

Gayane Manasyan : Sometimes the chosen media can seem as if it restricts you from expressing your feelings or ideas and I as an artist start to look for different ways besides painting or drawing, such as performance or video art. It makes me experiment, find my own reality connected to the subject, feel my own time and translate all that I want to say to public. It is the artist that chooses the means of expression and the real one does not have any limits just there is absolute freedom in choice and expression. Personally I look for new levels in performance, creating a piece of art that is non discursive, intuitive, but at the same time revealing a lot of things through feelings. I believe that my experiments will bring their result.

Gayane Mansyan, Resistance, Oil on Canvas, 100inx80in, 2014
date:2016-11-05 12:18:52

ARW : What is beauty?

Gayane Manasyan :Beauty is in everything that has love in it making form much nobler. Beauty is experiencing love in any of its forms.

date:2016-11-05 12:17:41
ARW : What is the future of Art?
Gayane Manasyan : I believe that art will become more laconic, not so verbose as it is mostly nowadays. It will get rid of corporal, voluptuous stuff and discover cosmic consciousness; the means of transmissions of concepts and form will be on much higher level. 
date:2016-11-05 12:16:59

ARW : What Artists inspire you ?

Gayane Manasyan : I try to find my inspiration not in `worked out substance` ; rather, `crude things` around or something inside myself. Inspiration from other person or artist is like an influence, and I do not look for any influence that can intrude with my own performance. There are artists who are interesting for me, I consider Caravaggio my teacher in painting, Marina Abramovic – my teacher in performance art, but the source of inspiration for me is something different.