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date:2016-11-05 12:40:01

HAK CHUL KIM : Courage of Conviction. Artist Interview 2016

The Origin I, Oil on Canvas, 97 x 112 inches, 2016
date:2016-11-05 12:38:29

Lydia Wolens : What is your inspiration for creating art works?

    HakChul Kim : The beautiful structure of the human body, namely the figuration.
date:2016-11-05 12:37:39
Lydia Wolens : What role emotions plays in your Art?
  HakChul Kim :   Have the courage of conviction.
Human Force, Oil on Panel, 18 x 24 inches, 2015
date:2016-11-05 12:37:11
Lydia Wolens : Why Figuration is important?
    HakChul Kim : Figuration is the most fundamental conception before do any work.
    Predict about the figuration and get inspiration from the figuration.
Ancient Woman, Oil on Canvas, 34 x 57 inches, 2015
date:2016-11-05 12:36:15
Lydia Wolens : What concept of aesthetics do you develop in your art?
    HakChul Kim : I always try to imbue the weighing of souls to Art from unconstrained concept of aesthetics. It explores the pure essence.
date:2016-11-05 12:35:29
Lydia Wolens : What is the limitation of your chosen media for full expression of your feelings/ideas?
HakChul Kim :     The limitation comes to me day after day. Nevertheless I try hard to overcome my limitation and prejudice day after day with my media.
Redemption, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 72 inches, 2015
date:2016-11-05 12:34:52
Lydia Wolens : What is beauty?
    HakChul Kim : Beauty is removing all of the excessive greed and obsession.
    True beauty is true freedom, essence, and redemption.
Series of Back No.1, Oil on Panel, 9 x 12 inches, 2015
date:2016-11-05 12:34:02
Lydia Wolens : What is the future of art?
HakChul Kim :     I'm so sorry. Honestly, I have no idea for this question.
    But I believe the art will continue to exist what it looks like in the future.
    The most important thing is to devote my duty at this moment.
date:2016-11-05 12:33:06
Lydia Wolens : What Artists inspire you?
  HakChul Kim :   Ho Jun Lee. He is my mentor and soulmate in the art. He taught and showed me the way to approach the art with the right attitude. So I started to get to know about art world with great artists of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Vincent Desiderio, John Horn.
date:2016-11-05 12:32:25
Lydia Wolens : What is the poetic focus of your art?
    HakChul Kim :   Art provides direction as true value of life to me.
    True value of life is true happiness.
    True happiness is true redemption, essence, and freedom.