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Tears From My Eyes, 2014 Digital Photograph 69 x 122 cm
date:2016-11-05 12:59:05

Ben Fillik : What is your inspiration for creating art works?

Carol Brown : I find inspiration for creating my work all around me. I feel Nature always talking to us, communicating how beautiful, diverse and powerful she is. I try to capture a moment of her beauty and pour my emotions into it.. And, ordinary moments that remind me of a feeling that holds greater meaning in my head, or some experience past, perhaps unresolved with feelings left raw.

date:2016-11-05 12:58:17

Ben Fillik : What role emotions plays in your Art?

Carol Brown : Emotions play a giant role in my Art. Each piece is an idea born deep within, so its a part of you and you have to project this piece of you and everything it represents, faithfully.

date:2016-11-05 12:57:33

Ben Fillik : Is spiritual aspect important for your art?

Carol Brown : The spiritual aspect is important in that to feel something deeply and really connect to it it must touch your spirit somehow, or soothe something in your soul.

Simple Explanation, 2016 Digital Photograph 51 x 89 cm
date:2016-11-05 12:55:47

Ben Fillik : What concept of aesthetics do you develop in your art? 

Carol Brown : My concept of aesthetics is diversity is good. There is beauty all around, in unexpected places, in often ignored places and sometimes right in front of our eyes.

Miss Ives, 2016 Digital Photograph 66 x 97 cm
date:2016-11-05 12:54:20

Ben Fillik : What is the limitation(s) of your chosen media for full expression of your feelings/ideas?

Carol Brown : Working primarily with photography and film with all the digital tools available, I am learning to mold my ideas and experiment with my technique and application, so honestly, I don’t see any limitations. It’s just being honest enough with yourself to express yourself completely. So, I find that I am excited to experiment and try new things.

Things Turning Out This Way, 2016, Digital Photograph, 82 x 91 cm.
date:2016-11-05 12:53:12

Ben Fillik : What is beauty?

Carol Brown : Beauty is something, anything, everything that connects with an individual ideal that we aspire to. It comes in so many forms, elusive to some yet free for all to define. I mean, we all see the same things, we just interpret them differently.

date:2016-11-05 12:52:19

Ben Fillik : What is the future of Art?

Carol Brown : Art reflects where we are as a society, it’s a beacon of hope, a voice of rebellion, our great love and our great loss. There are as many ways to express that as there are to feel it, art will evolve as we do. I feel that the different disciplines will continue to influence and feed off each other creating new expressions, whether it’s fashion & film, photography & film, fineart & film, fineart & photography, fineart & music, and so on.

Tunnel Vision, 2014, Digital Photograph, 50 x 89 cm
date:2016-11-05 12:51:34

Ben Fillik : What Artists inspire you ?

Carol Brown : Steve McQueen and Robert Rodriguez. I admire the control they were able to maintain over their work as filmmakers, I always admired Robert Rodriguez, the king of guerrilla film-making, he shoots and produces his own films, that’s the control I want to maintain over my work. Hopefully that’s possible, and Ellen Von Unwerth who’s girls always seem to be in on a little secret.

date:2016-11-05 12:50:33

Ben Fillik :  What is the poetic focus of your art?

Carol Brown : The poetic focus of my art is to bring awareness of and connection to the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. Things often overlooked or unnoticed. ‘ If you look under a rock I Am there.’ Our natural environment is full of such beautiful, interesting moments and I feel lucky to be connected to it. I hope to capture these moments and mold them with my emotions, and give them new life.

date:2016-11-05 12:49:42

Ben Fillik :  Can Art change the World? 

Carol Brown : Absolutely! It already has. Whether it’s history told through Art or Art as a voice for change the effect through time has been indelible. It also serves as common ground that can bring people together while gloriously showcasing our differences.