ART REGISTRY WORLD GRANTS are the Programs available through the Incessant Grant Writing and Connecting with Businesses Worldwide. Our private Donors submit financial means to the Fund that Accepts , Banks and Disburses all Funds in a form of Contributions (Grants) Internationally. Grants are Paid in US Dollars, and recipients are responsible to follow all the financial laws, restrictions and regulations of their countries (taxes, reporting etc) on their own .
Any Artist, Gallery, Art Organization, Museum in the World can Apply. No Restrictions. Artist Grant has starting date and ending date for applying (watch for the application dates), All other Grants are ongoing, no deadlines.
Grants are one payment disbursements, recipients can use them according to their needs and necessities. No follow up or required explanations on how the money were spent, no documents to support expenditure .
If you are interested to be a fiscal funds donor, please contact AWR and we will hook you up with International Banking and Taxation Specialist in Your Country and you can write off taxes as Charitable Funds and Cause Donor, with All proper Documentation and Rights.

  • Artist Grant has a Starting Open date for Applications and deadline date. Please follow announcements. Artists can apply every time Application is open (no restrictions)
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  • Gallery Grant has no deadline, application is ongoing. One restriction: one application from one gallery every 365 days(1 calendar year)
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  • Art Organization Grant has no deadline, application is ongoing. One restriction: one application from one Art Organization every 365 days (1 calendar year)
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  • Museum Grant has no deadline or restrictions.
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