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date:2016-10-19 09:56:52

Interview with Chris Nutar, ARW $ 50,000.00 Artist Grant Winner. 

date:2016-10-19 09:52:12

Ben Fillik: Hello Chris and congratulations on winning the Art Registry World Artist Grant!
Chris Nutar : Hello and thank you!
Ben Fillik: Why do you take pictures?
Chris Nutar: Pictures take me, not the other way around. I feel the impulse, the urge, the energy, the camera does the rest.
I happen to be in the right spot at the right time and the right type of energy inside of me to document the miracles of everyday.
Ben Fillik : What is your biggest inspiration?
Chris Nutar : Not knowing what will happen next.
Ben Fillik: What is Art?
Chris Nutar: Sharing the Creation, Love, Pain, Plans for the Past, Hopes for the Future.
Ben Fillik: What "Spiritual" means to you?
Chris Nutar : Everybody and Everything is connected, through the energy of Creation, which is Love.
Ben Fillik : Is your art religious?
Chris Nutar : No, it is soulfull.
Ben Fillik: How and when did you start to take pictures?
Chris Nutar : Once I became very sick when I was little, I was in the bed for many days, the prognosys was very bad. My uncle gave me an old
broken photo camera as a toy, so I was taking imaginary pictures with the not working camera. I made self-portraits and I took pictures of all of
my relatives and doctors, and at some point I new inside of me that I will get better and that I will be feeling great for a very long time. I playfully
documented the undocumentable, the feeling of God's Love and my love for God. It sounds pompous and irrational, but that spiritual energy
took me out of the death clinch and keeps me going.
Ben Fillik: What is your poetic goal in your art?
Chris Nutar : I am creating a portrait of God through my feelings and visions, I know exactly that I will find one or two of God's smiles a day and
possibly will capture it in a photo.
Ben Fillik : Are you a part of an organized religion?
Chris Nutar : LOVE.
Ben Fillik : What is missing in the Contemporary Art?
Chris Nutar: LOVE.
Ben Fillik : What is the future of Art?
Chris Nutar: LOVE.





date:2016-10-14 07:27:03

Big Interview with ARW Artist Grant Winner Chris Nutar is coming soon! 

date:2016-10-14 07:26:45

Chris Nutar is the  Winner of $ 50,000.00 Art Registry World Artist Grant! 

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date:2016-10-12 09:22:34

Winning Works by Chris Nutar :


Chris Nutar. Pop Religion.Urban Spirituality.Digital Print .2016 Winner of ARW Artist Grant
date:2016-10-12 09:13:56
Chris Nutar. Ray.Urban Spirituality.Digital Print .2016 Winner of ARW Artist Grant
date:2016-10-12 09:13:14
Chris Nutar. Line Up.Urban Spirituality.Digital Print .2016 Winner of ARW Artist Grant
date:2016-10-12 09:12:40
Chris Nutar. Crowd.Urban Spirituality.Digital Print .2016 Winner of ARW Artist Grant
date:2016-10-12 09:10:46
Chris Nutar. Super Crossing.Urban Spirituality.Digital Print .2016 Winner of ARW Artist Grant
date:2016-10-12 09:09:34